The dough:

4dl Milk

60g Butter

Heat the 2dl milk with the butter, after which the last 2dl milk is poured in for tempering.

50g yeast

1dl sugar

1tsp salt

500-600 g flour

The dough must be so smooth that you only need to use a whisk and a dough scraper.

The dough is distributed on baking paper in a big jelly roll pan. approximately 40 x 34 x 4 cm

Leave to rise for 30 minutes.


200g butter

500g Brown sugar (that we came with)

4tsp sirup

Melt the butter. Brown sugar and sirup stirs in the slightly warm remonce. Remonce pours on to the dough. After rise for 20 minutes

Bakes for 15-18 min at 200 degrees Celsius